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A fun and easy way to make a work of art. With a line drawing printed onto wooden board as the jumpstart, all you need to bring is your natural sense of creativity. No need to buy a frame, this 6x6" sturdy wooden board can be hung or stood on a shelf when completed. I call it the next generation of coloring pages.

She has her own unique Mermaid Style, complete with a few well-considered tattoos and short, cropped hair. She just very well might be in her teen years as she finds her own voice. No matter, we like her personality and her sassiness because it all comes from a place of love.
Ordering Options: You can choose a single board, or a multiple discount if you order more than one. You can also choose the "Kit" option, which will include a set of colored pencils). Of course if you like the way I can color a board, choose the "finished board" option and I'll happily make one for you.

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