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Find your Niche and feed your love for the open road with this DIY Painting/DIY Painting Kit Art Projector 2 paint boards featuring some favorites from our collection:

1. Adventure Awaits
2, Compass

Whether you choose to use this DIY Painting Kit for summer activities (perhaps out on the open road?), a fun favor at gender reveals or a baby shower, or good old-fashioned arts and crafts like you found at camp, this unique art project is perfect for both for kids and adults. When I created the NicheBoard line, I envisioned bringing the "Pour and Sip" party home and creating with the family. Why do we love these boards? They're kid-proof and virtually indestructible with pre-printed designs on sturdy 6x6" wooden boards. You don't need to buy a frame with these little gems. You can stand them on a shelf or hang them on a wall. Best yet, as a Gift for Creatives you have two choices: you can either give it as-is to a loved one to complete on their own, or you can paint it, add your style and give a personal gift. Either way, everyone wins!

Ordering Options: Unfinished and Finished options. You can also choose the "Kit" option, which will include paint and brush(es). Of course if you like the way I can paint a board, choose the "painted board" option.

This is not your Grandmother's Paint-By-Numbers. Fun and hip deigns are hand-created by an artist (aka That Art Girl) and printed into high-quality wood boards, meant to be completed by you. Paint and embellish at will using supplies of your choice. NIcheBoardz do well with flow acrylic paints. You can also use additional good-quality colored pencils to add depth, detail or texture.
Meant for any age, for anyone with a desire to create. It is my powerful belief that we are all Creators. I truly believe that if more people did what they were truly meant (dare I say “created”) to do, then the world would be a much happier place.

YOUNG PEOPLE: I love to encourage young people to follow their muse to create. That’s why I became a certified art teacher. I love their enthusiasm and willingness to try new things. This series will help budding artists learn color-theory, painting techniques and how to create variety and interest in their work. It’s my hope to plant a seed that they can carry with them their whole lives.

RETIRED: People work hard all their lives in their career. Upon reaching retirement, it it often the case that they want to pursue a creative endeavor, be it traveling to see great works of art or creating something of their own. Now that they finally have the time to do what they’ve always wanted, often they don’t know how to get started. Or maybe they don’t remember how to begin. Painting is a wonderful brain-energizing activity that helps maintain cognition, hand-eye coordination and stimulate imagination. Perfect for brain elasticity!

DIY’ers: You love to try stuff on your own, especially when it comes to home improvement. You live on Pinterest and other forms of Social Media. You tell yourself that you can do a lot of the work that you see out there, and you are right! Your very own Personal Art Coach is here to help you achieve your vision!

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